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Our Local Team

There are so many people who contribute to our life at St Mary's. We can't list them all here, but we've highlighted some of the key people you might want to know about.

The Revd Dr Jeremy Worthen

Jeremy is the Team Rector for Ashford Town Parish and the priest with pastoral responsibility for St Mary's. He's also currently Joint Area Dean for the Ashford Deanery and an elected member of the Archbishop's Council for the Diocese.

The Revd Bonnie Appleton, Canon Paul Miller & the Rt Revd David Bannerman

Bonnie, David and Paul are retired clergy of huge experience, who regularly preach and lead services at St Mary's and contribute to other areas of our ministry.

Bryan Gipps

Bryan is the Director of Music for St Mary's, while also supporting music across the parish as a whole. As well as playing the organ, he conducts and leads our talented and dedicated church choir.

Caroline Hannah

Caroline serves as Churchwarden for St Mary's, working with many other people to make sure that practical matters are dealt with and the church is fulfilling its purpose. 

Lynne Miller

Lynne is the Local Safeguarding Officer, working with the Parish Safeguarding Officer to support this vital area of church life.

Aimee Babbs

Aimee is our Health and Safety Officer. Like most people on this list, she does many other jobs as well! 

Kathryn Small

Kathryn is the Finance Officer, liaising with the Parish Treasurer to monitor and advise on our finances.

Mary Jarrett, Sally-Ann Nash, Lesley Wraxall

Alongside those listed above (apart from the retired clergy), Mary, Sally-Ann and Lesley form the Local Leadership Team for St Mary's. In Ashford Town Parish, key responsibilities for day to day church management are delegated by the Parochial Church Council to Local Leadership Teams.

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