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There will be a fundraising Sunday lunch for the Janus Project on Sunday 5th May 2024 at 12.30pm at London Beach hotel in Tenterden. Contact Sally Lees for bookings. 

On 27th April there will be a presentation of the Janus Project in Great Chart Village Hall at 2pm.

Village Quiz and Ploughmans supper on Saturday 18th May, 7pm in aid of the Janus Project.

Saturday 28th September Harvest Supper with Bingo, in aid of the Janus Project, time TBC

Saturday 26th October Invicta Singers Concert at St Francis in aid of the Janus Project, time TBC

We have regular coffee mornings in aid of church funds.

Saturday 6th July at Rachel's house, Chartwell, Ninn Lane 10am-12pm

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