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The Lamb

It's all about sheep this week, and the lamb: Biblical metaphors and images of such breadth and power.

Of course to us lambs mean spring.  New life bouncing about in the lush green fields, skipping about joyfully, signs of new birth and hope after the darkness of winter.

And this is the season, both literally (meteorologically) and liturgically for us to be thinking in these terms.  For the Lord is risen, Alleluia, and therefore we can be glad in him, delighting in his presence among us, joyfully skipping about proclaiming the reality of his risen life and what wonders it means for all of the world.

But we should not forget that other symbolism of the lamb, that the glorious freedom which we have been gifted came only through tremendous sacrifice. That much had to be given for the new Kingdom to be established, to flourish and to grow. 

But - to use another springtime Biblical metaphor - when a small seed dies, and falls to the ground, then with God's grace and the power of the Spirit something new will spring up, and the fruits can be beyond our imagining.  So this Easter season, let us be sacrificial in our generosity, whether of time, talents or money, so that those around us might hear more and see more and know more of the wonder of the presence of the Lord and his church in their midst. Let us follow our Good Shepherd and do what we can to ensure that his Kingdom in Ashford  - the Kingdom of love, of joy, of mercy and of peace - might not only be established, but flourish and grow.

The Revd Teena Twelves

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