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The Launch of Ignite Church

Since Ignite began in our parish, it has had a variety of different formats, several leaders, and has met in a few locations. All of these variations have helped to shape Ignite’s newest development – Ignite Church.

This week Ignite was formally launched as a separate Church within the parish.

We currently meet in St. Mary’s in the town centre and have a close relationship with them, but we believed that Ignite would benefit from becoming a distinct Church. This means that we have a newly formed Local Leadership Team (LLT) made up, in part, of people who originally came to us as guests. We have two peer support workers, thanks to some NHS funding.

We also have a budget and hope to contribute to the parish finances when we start to receive regular giving.

This photo shows The Mayor of Ashford, Cllr Lyn Suddards, with Ignite Peer Support Workers Ema and Mark.

Here are some things you may not know about Ignite Church:

  • We regularly have 60 people attending, with about half staying for the worship and teaching.

  • We provide everyone with a two-course meal every week for less than £30.

  • We give away clothing, shoes, bedding, toiletries and sanitary products every week, thanks to people’s generosity.

  • We have guests from four continents, speaking numerous languages, many of whom are asylum seekers housed in the Holiday Inn.

  • We are the first Ignite to formally become a Church.

As one of our guests said, “I thought it was a Church already” and in a theological sense it has always been Church, but now we can stand alongside our other Churches as a recognised part of Ashford Town Parish.If you are curious about what we do, or how you might be able to help, please contact me or the Revd Teena.

Sophie Carnaby-Denyer MTh

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