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Christmas Explored: A Journey Through Time and Tradition

Welcome to Christmas Explored, an exciting and educational school Christmas program that takes students on a captivating journey through the history, traditions, and meaning of Christmas. This program is a fusion of fun and learning, aligning with the RE national curriculum and understanding Christianity. 


  • Each session is a 45-minute adventure designed to pique children's curiosity and spark meaningful discussions.

  • Available both on-site at Kingsnorth Church and as mobile sessions for in-school exploration, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

  • Our sessions would be experienced best as one class per session, but we understand this is not always possible, so there is scope for multiple classes per session if needed.

  • Our Sessions are tailored towards Pre-schools, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4.

Unveiling the Mystery:

In the session we will  travel back in time and ponder why we mark our years the way we do. Why is our calendar year 2023? Together, we'll count backward, revealing a profound link to "Christmas Number One," a momentous event that shaped history.

Clues to the Past:

We will uncover clues, shedding light on the significance of Christmas Number One. As we explore, children will recognize connections between Christmas cards and the message to Mary, woolly jumpers and the shepherds, and Father Christmas and the Magi.

Sharing the Magic:

After this immersive journey, we encourage children to carry these insights with them. As they encounter Christmas symbols throughout the season, they can share the rich history and stories behind each element with friends and family.


Christmas Explored is not just a program; it's an exciting voyage of discovery, helping children appreciate the deeper significance of the festive season. 


Join us in celebrating the magic and meaning of Christmas, bridging the gap between Christmas Number One and Christmas 2023. Discover the magic of tradition, faith, and joy with Christmas Explored.

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