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Festive Journey for Kingsnorth Students

We have some exciting news to share, Kingsnorth + Shadoxhurst Churches are launching a new school project called "Christmas Explored" This festive initiative is set to kick off next week and will span two joyful weeks of exploration and celebration.

Christmas Explored aims to offer a unique and enriching experience for our young learners, inviting them to delve into the true meaning of Christmas through engaging and educational sessions. The each session promises to be an immersive journey that combines the spirit of the season with valuable insights into the traditions, stories, and significance of Christmas.

Over the new two weeks Kingsnorth Church will be the vibrant hub for a series of interactive sessions, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our students. Additionally, mobile sessions will be taking place within schools, ensuring accessibility for all.

We have a remarkable 20 classes, comprising a total of 598 enthusiastic students, already signed up for Christmas Explored this year. This overwhelming response is a testament to the community's eagerness to come together and learn more about Christmas and celebrate.

If you have a child/or know a child who goes to one of our local schools in Kingsnorth and is in YR-Y4, we would love to encourage parents and guardians to engage with their children about the exciting experiences and insights gained during Christmas Explored. This project provides a wonderful opportunity for families to bond over the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Explored is more than just a school project; it's a community project to impart the values and stories that make Christmas a special time for all.

If the next two weeks go well. We will look forward to sharing the magic of Christmas Explored with the entire parish.

The Revd Adam Childs

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