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Trust in the Father

Dr Steve Horne, Ignite Lead & Pastor.

In Kent we’re (usually) blessed with mild enough weather that we can go grow some exotic plants. For years I wanted to change my garden into something you could get lost in. Somewhere you could sit by the firepit and listen to trickling water hidden somewhere in the deep green foliage. So, two years ago in the midst of yet more lockdowns, I set about changing my garden into something that the set designers of the movie ‘Jumanji’ would be proud of.

First task was to consult my Father-in-Law, Del – a keen gardener who has won awards for his garden and a man that knows as much about plants as that British bastion of gardening, Alan Titchmarsh! Del walked me around the garden centre, telling me what I needed and how it might look with the right planting, placement, and care. He warned me against certain types and also put back plants that didn’t look good enough. I’d asked, he listened and then he responded.

We’re now in summer and we can see all around us the wonderful display of creation – whether that’s in our gardens, on walks in woods, or by the morning song of cheerful birds. Two years ago, I put my trust in my Father-in-law. A blank canvas along with a vision and a willingness to listen was all that Del needed from me. Now, I have my jungle! Some of the plants are close to 15 foot tall with leaves 3 foot wide! It’s incredible what and how much a garden can grow with the right conditions and the best advice.

This week and in the weeks ahead, remember that in whatever situation you find yourself – be it a new job, a period of grief, uncertainty about something, or even a blank garden – make sure you take time to speak to your Father in Heaven, who loves you unconditionally, who wants the absolute best for you, who believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Ask Him, speak to Him, shout to Him. Just go to Him, and then trust and wait. Your blessing is coming. The change you want is on its way. Just give the garden a little more time to grow.

Have a blessed week.


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